FORT WAYNE, IND. — Ellison Bakery, Inc. has launched nine varieties of soft, premium cookies, including apple raisin, rocky road, raspberry filled, chocolate chip, oatmeal, oatmeal raisin, molasses, date filled and classic sugar.

"Our new cookies have a distinctive, soft, rich, chewy texture, due to their extremely high moisture content," said William Ellis, co-founder and chairman of the board. "Consumers will also enjoy a fresher cookie experience with our brand, because Ellison Bakery premium cookies will be on the shelf just one-third as long as most others on the cookie aisle."

Mr. Ellis said the cookies are geared toward the adult market and specifically to women.

"They have been specifically formulated for the more discriminating palate of the 35-and-over female consumer," he said. "These women know what they like and with top-quality ingredients, exceptional freshness, rich, moist consistency and satisfying portion size, our cookies have what they’re looking for."

The product launch coincides with the debut of a new consumer-focused web site at The web site will highlight the brand, the bakery’s family origins and the nine new cookie varieties.