RUSH CITY, MINN. — The Rush City durum mill of Horizon Milling L.L.C. has been closed for several weeks because of an area rail bridge outage.

A Horizon Milling spokesperson said the company has been working to find a path for the bridge to be reopened.

"We are working with government officials and talking with the railroads about reconstruction of the bridge," the spokesperson said. "We don’t know at this point exactly when the bridge will reopen. Some Rush City employees have been temporarily laid off. Our hope is that the bridge will be operating soon, although we can’t estimate at this point when that will be."

The Rush City mill has 10,000 cwts of daily durum milling capacity and is served by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail line. Trade sources indicated the facility mills principally for an institutional customer and has been able to meet customer needs. The company’s Kenosha, Wis., durum mill also has 10,000 cwts of daily capacity.