BLACKWOOD, N.J. — Caesar’s Pasta Products has added two varieties to its gluten-free, wheat-free line: Potato Gnocchi and Spinach Potato Gnocchi.

The pastas are made with rice and cook in two to three minutes.

"We are thrilled with the success of our first four gluten-free, wheat-free pasta meals," said Ronald Lodato Sr., vice-president of Caesar’s Pasta. "We receive letters from consumers who have celiac disease and other gastrointestinal issues that prohibit many people from enjoying the timeless tradition of an Italian meal, and this positive feedback encouraged us to expand the line. We are very pleased and proud of these two Gnocchi pastas and feel they represent the same quality and taste that we strive for in all our foods. We are excited to also be opening our line of specialty pastas to those that eat only vegan foods as well as those that are lactose intolerant. The new Potato and Spinach Gnocchi have absolutely no animal products."