TORONTO — Pizza Pizza Ltd. has introduced reduced-sodium crust. The whole wheat multi-grain crust has 25% less sodium than the company’s original "Classic" crust and 15% less sodium than the previous whole wheat multi-grain crust. If ordered on thin crust, the crust has even less sodium, according to Pizza Pizza.

The health and wellness move comes a little more than a year after the company added gluten-free crust to its menu to accommodate special dietary needs. Pizza Pizza is the No. 1 pizza chain in the Canadian quick-service restaurant industry when measured by sales and restaurant locations.

"The Pizza Pizza team spends a lot of time in the test kitchens acting on feedback from the field, industry and customers," said Pat Finelli, chief marketing officer.

Mr. Finelli said Pizza Pizza’s goal is to accommodate a healthier lifestyle by providing pizza that is both convenient and nourishing.

"We have worked hard to improve the nutritional composition of our crust and will continue to explore new sodium-reduction solutions," he said.

The new whole wheat multi-grain crust was made possible by a reformulation of ingredients, and it is accented by extra virgin olive oil, oats and natural honey, according to Pizza Pizza.