MINNEAPOLIS — New French Bakery, which opened in 1995 as a small neighborhood bakery but has grown into a national supplier of fresh baked artisan bread, has introduced a new logo and packaging for its products.

Branding and design firm Duffy & Partners took New French Bakery’s fleur-de-lis design and transformed it into a "simple, sleek and straight-to-the-point design," featuring the name of the bakery on the front and center flanked by soft blue hues. Packaging for New French Bakery’s product now features "Take, Bake, Yum!" in bold letters.

"We are still one of the few privately-owned operations in this business, which gives us the ability to remain true to our artisan techniques, use the highest quality ingredients, truly understand our customers and enhance their experience," said Peter Kelsey, founder, owner and head baker for New French Bakery. "Duffy & Partners used design to communicate our passion and enthusiasm. With packaging and language that elevates the New French brand in the marketplace, we are positioned for growth."

New French Bakery bakes more than 700 varieties of conventional and certified organic artisan bread and rolls and distributes to customers across the United States. Prepackaged Take & Bake products, with a three-day shelf life, are sold at supermarkets and retail outlets nationwide, including Super Target, IGA, Kings Supermarket and Lowes Foods. The company also has a strong food service presence, supplying restaurants and chefs with par-baked bread and rolls.