NEW YORK — Bread containing DHA omega-3 fatty acids and thin whole wheat buns will be launched by Sara Lee Fresh Bakery "in the near term," said James Nolan, an executive vice-president of Sara Lee Corp. and chief executive officer of the Fresh Bakery business. Mr. Nolan spoke Sept. 16 in New York at the company’s "Meet the Management Analyst Day." Soft and Smooth with DHA Omega 3 reflects "the growing awareness of DHA omega-3 and the positive effects it can have on childhood development," Mr. Nolan said. He said the company will incorporate omega-3 fatty acids in other products in the future. In the next few weeks, Sara Lee is launching EarthGrains 100% natural thin buns. "This product category is now starting to be defined, and our entry of all-natural low-calorie multi-grain and whole wheat offerings will appeal to the health and wellness consumer," Mr. Nolan said. "We’ll start on the West coast, and we’ll achieve national distribution by the end of the calendar year."