YAKIMA, WASH. — Seneca Farms has introduced Spud Crunch, which are bite-sized potato squares that come in original, barbeque, cheddar-bacon, and salt and pepper flavors.

"Spud Crunch is a brand new kind of snack," said Dean Erstad, senior vice-president of sales for Seneca Foods. "Unlike traditional chips, with Spud Crunch you can actually taste the U.S.-grown, fresh Russet potatoes used to make them. They are a great size not only for snacking, but also as an ingredient. Consumers tell us they are using them in place of croutons on salads and instead of crackers with soups."

The product first will be available in Salt Lake City; Seattle; Portland, Ore.; San Francisco; Sacramento, Calif.; Los Angeles; San Diego and Phoenix with nationwide distribution to follow.