THOMASVILLE, GA. — Paula Deen is introducing an exclusive line of pies at Wal-Mart Stores. The introduction was timed to coincide with the Labor Day holiday weekend.

Ms. Deen, a chef and restaurateur who has hosted several television cooking shows, said the line of three pies and one dessert bar will be expanded "to a wide variety of custom baked products" at Wal-Mart in the months ahead.

The initial line, apple crunch, dark rum pecan and old fashioned fudge pies together with gooey butter cake dessert bars, will be available nationally and priced at retail between $3 and $7.50.

Describing the new line, Ms. Deen focused on ingredients she said are missing from other baked desserts typically found at retailers.

"With our busy schedules, dessert is sometimes left to mass produced items with less than wholesome ingredients, making it the forgotten part of a good meal," Ms. Deen said. "We created a line of products using what any good cook would use if they had the time, lots of apples, butter, quality nuts and chocolate, so consumers can have access to baked goods that are both affordable and tasty when they need a good dessert to bring home to the family or to that special party or event."

Scott Neal, vice-president at Wal-Mart, added, "Wal-Mart is pleased to offer its customers this exclusive line of Paula Deen baked goods at prices that enable them to save money and live better."