EWING, N.J. — Redpoint Bio Corp. on Jan. 12 disclosed that its all-natural sweetness enhancer, RP44, is rebaudioside C or Reb C, a component of the stevia leaf.

Many ingredient suppliers are promoting the high content of rebaudioside A or Reb A, another component of the stevia leaf, in their all-natural, zero-calorie high-intensity sweeteners. Unlike Reb A, RP44 (Reb C) is not a sweetener but instead a sweetness enhancer that imparts no sweet taste of its own when used in a product, according to Ewing-based Redpoint Bio. Sweetness enhancers act by amplifying the existing sweet taste of caloric sweeteners such as sugar or high-fructose corn syrup, according to the company.

“We believe this will enable the development of food and beverage products that require reduced amounts of caloric sweeteners while still retaining the clean sweet taste associated with a fully sugared product,” Redpoint Bio said.

The company first announced it had identified RP44 (Reb C) in June 2009.