BIRMINGHAM, ALA. — The Biscuit and Cracker Manufacturers’ Association has announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released the first energy performance scoring system for cookie and cracker bakeries that will help efficient facilities earn the Energy Star label.

“The Energy Star Energy Performance Indicator for cookie and cracker bakeries is the culmination of the proactive approach to energy management promoted by E.P.A. and B.C.M.A.,” said David Van Laar, president and chief executive officer of Oak State Products and B.C.M.A. board member. “All cookie and cracker bakeries can benefit from the E.P.I. by reducing their carbon footprint through greater energy efficiency. By working with Energy Star to improve our businesses’ energy efficiency, we can both reduce costs and carbon emissions. This is putting sustainability into action.”

While cookie and cracker bakeries have pursued environmental sustainability initiatives internally, the label provides a standard for measuring success within their industry. To earn the label, the bakeries must score in the top 25% of bakeries for energy efficiency as measured by the E.P.I. Also, a licensed engineer independently must verify the bakery’s energy performance and sign the application.

“The successful development of the Energy Performance Indicator demonstrates the critical role that trade organizations can play in supporting the efficiency and sustainability efforts of their members,” said Stacey Sharpless, president of Biscuit and Cracker Manufacturers' Association. “This initiative was achieved by the combined effort of our members over the last year and a half and shows what can be accomplished when member companies work together in a non-competitive environment for the common good of the industry.”