TORONTO — Canada Bread Company, Ltd. has extended its Dempster’s brand with the launch of a line of European-style rye bread in five varieties. According to Canada Bread, the new rye bread is softer and moister than traditional rye bread and is packaged in a smaller, convenient loaf size to minimize waste.

“Dempster’s is modernizing traditional rye bread by launching five delicious rye varieties,” said Chef John Placko, director of Culinary Excellence at Maple Leaf Foods, Canada Bread’s parent company. “Fans of rye bread will have more flavor choices and newcomers will be introduced to tasty, versatile breads ideal for sandwiches and as an ingredient in recipes. I’ve developed signature rye recipes for each variety, including a delicious turkey sandwich, a savory berry stuffing and smoked trout and caraway canapes.”

Dempster’s Rye Bread is available in five rye varieties: Mild Light, Fruit & Berry, Golden Grains, Country Caraway and Harvest Pumpernickel. The bread is low in fat, a source of fiber and a source of eight essential nutrients, according to Canada Bread.

The new rye bread has a suggested retail price of $2.99.