HANOVER, PA. — Snyder’s of Hanover is set to begin work on what the company said will be the largest ground-based solar energy system in the state of Pennsylvania. The project will feature more than 16,000 panels spread across 20 acres. Having received zoning approval, Snyder’s said it would begin construction shortly on the solar farm, to be situated in a field across the highway from the company’s Hanover headquarters. The company said the solar farm will cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 230 million lbs of carbon dioxide over a 25-year period. Said another way, more than 11 million trees would need to be planted to achieve the same level of carbon dioxide reduction. “The solar field joins other Snyder’s of Hanover sustainability initiatives, including compostable packaging and takes the company one step closer to achieving our five-year sustainability goals established last year,” said Carl E. Lee Jr., president and c.e.o. of Snyder's of Hanover.