WASHINGTON — The Grocery Manufacturers Association has launched a redesigned web site at www.GMAOnline.org as well as a new blog dedicated to the issues, policy and news relating to the consumer packaged goods sector.

The redesigned web site offers resources, information and news pertaining to G.M.A. members and the organization’s strategic areas of focus, including: health and nutrition, product safety, global commerce, customer collaboration and environmental sustainability. Among the key features of the new site are:

•A rotating feature box on the homepage providing visitors with a direct link to timely issues and resources.
•A designated section for G.M.A. members, allowing easy access to the latest research, industry model practices, events, public policy developments and more.
•Comprehensive public policy resources ensuring that the views and positions of the grocery manufacturers industry are readily available to all interested audiences.

“G.M.A.’s enhanced digital presence will help the association serve its members more completely than ever before as well as help the association and its members communicate more effectively with policymakers, the media and consumers,” said Sean McBride, vice-president of communications for the G.M.A. “The launch of our new web site and blog is a dramatic step forward in the way G.M.A. interacts with key audiences. We will continue to build on this digital presence as we work with our members to provide consumers with safe, convenient and affordable food and consumer products.”

The new blog, “Across the Aisle,” will be available at www.GMAOnline.org/blog, and will include discussion and analysis of the C.P.G. industry and policies affecting the industry, offered by G.M.A. leaders and staff. Blog posts also will include interviews with heads of G.M.A. member companies, regular commentary on media stories, observations on industry trends and public policy, and more.