Texas A&M University leads in tortilla research. For more than 30 years, its professors and students have studied corn and wheat tortillas in detail, exploring their origin, ingredients, nutritional content, phytochemical properties, quality aspects, shelf life and production technologies. And it has produced a steady stream of scientific articles.

But it was not until 2015 that this research was published in an authoritative textbook. Tortillas — Wheat Flour and Corn Products, edited by Lloyd Rooney, PhD, and Sergio Serna-Saldivar, PhD, is now available from AACC International Press.

Dr. Rooney recently retired as a professor at Texas A&M University’s Cereal Quality Laboratory, and his student, Dr. Serna-Saldivar, is now a professor and researcher at the FEMSA Biotechnology Center at Monterrey Institute of Technology, Monterrey, Mexico. Together, they dedicated their book to the memory of Ralph Waniska, PhD, a Texas A&M colleague who pioneered in research about tortillas. Dr. Waniska put the book in motion several years before his death in 2007. He and Dr. Rooney are well remembered for the many presentations they made over the years to the Tortilla Industry Association at the group’s technical seminars.