CHICAGO — Barry Callebaut has introduced Van Leer Gold, a new line of premium chocolates under its domestic Van Leer brand. The product line is made with unsweetened Belgian chocolate liquor and natural Madagascar bourbon vanilla. It is designed for North American confectioners, bakers, pastry chefs and restaurant chefs.

“Van Leer Gold brings together the American tradition of chocolate with the heritage and manufacturing techniques perfected by Europeans for centuries,” said Parveen Werner, director of marketing for Barry Callebaut Americas. “Today’s chefs are looking for a high-quality chocolate that offers distinct fineness, flavor and versatility, and they’ll find that in the new Van Leer Gold products.”

Van Leer Gold chocolate comes in wafer form and is available in Bel Noir couvertures, which is dark chocolate, and Bel Lactee couvertures, which is milk chocolate. The Bel Noir couverture is available in cacao content levels of 73%, 58%, 56%, 55%, 53% and 52%. The Bel Lactee couverture is available with 33% cacao or 31% cacao.