New products bring new challenges. Gluten-free baked foods have risen in popularity recently, and they present a new set of issues for wholesale bakeries, according to Stewart MacPherson, vice president, sales and marketing, Unifiller Systems, Inc., Delta, BC.

As it relates to depositing, he noted that the biggest issue is that gluten-free batters have very high viscosities. “It is a challenge to our accuracy for drawing product into the metering chamber and then placing the product where you want it and getting clean cutoff,” Mr. MacPherson explained.

However, Unifiller helps processors overcome these issues by assisting them in selecting the correct depositor for gluten-free products. “We have a range of different depositors, and it’s a matter of matching up the right model for the application,” he added. “It’s also having the right port, or piston, sizes and then making the proper adjustment.”

Depositing big chunks and inclusions is another challenge that bakers encounter with depositors, observed John McIsaac, vice-president, strategic business development, Reiser, Canton, MA. “Just when we think people have found the biggest chocolate piece or nut, someone comes along with something bigger,” he said. “We have made design changes to allow these big chunks to flow more easily and maintain their integrity.”

Ultimately, a depositor’s weight accuracy continues to be the No. 1 concern for most processors. They want to ensure that each and every deposit is consistent and accurate. Also, processors desire durable depositors that are flexible and versatile, as well as easy to use, sanitize and maintain. Read complete story