KANSAS CITY — The American Society of Baking has named its 2010 honorees for the Baking Hall of Fame: Charles Burford, Sterrett P. (Red) Campbell, M. Rella Dwyer, and R. Jack Lewis Jr. and Sr. The baking industry leaders will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in a ceremony on March 1 during the A.S.B.’s BakingTech 2010 annual technical conference in Chicago. Each year, the A.S.B. honors individuals who have been leaders in the baking industry and have demonstrated industry innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Many of the individuals selected into the Hall of Fame are recognized for their achievements in organizational growth and development, equipment design and innovation, advancements in ingredient technology and processing or related service to the commercial baking industry. Nominations for the Hall of Fame are made by A.S.B. members and non-members. The Baking Hall of Fame committee is comprised of 10 individuals who evaluate each of the nominees.

The inductees for 2010 include:

• Charles Burford. Mr. Burford, along with his father, Earl, is responsible for developing several pieces of equipment of import to the baking industry, including the Burford Twist Tie Machine, the Burford Pan Shaker and the Pattern Cross Splitter.
• Sterrett P. (Red) Campbell. Mr. Campbell was the founder of two equipment companies and the holder of several dozen milestone patents that revolutionized high-speed bread and roll production. Today, nearly every high-speed pan bread/bun line in the world has some aspect of Mr. Campbell’s inventions in them.
• M. Rella Dwyer. Ms. Dwyer spent 44 years in the baking industry, pioneering the way for women in the field of baking science as well as in senior management within the baking industry. She was chair of the American Bakers Association’s Food Technical Regulatory Affairs (F.T.R.A.C.) for more than 20 years, as well as a longtime chair of the A.S.B. Scientific Advisory Committee.
• R. Jack Lewis Jr. and Sr. Jack Lewis Sr. was a founding member of the Independent Baker’s Association, and along with his son, Jack Jr., pioneered the use of liquid fermentation, polyethylene bread bags, the continuous proof and bake system, the development of six strap bread pans, and the use of I.T. systems in alternative bakery distribution. Their company, Lewis Bakeries, is recognized as the first company in the baking industry to remove all trans fats from its entire line of bread and buns.