TORONTO — Frito-Lay Canada, a division of PepsiCo, Inc., Purchase, N.Y., plans to introduce its SunChips brand snack foods in a 100% compostable bag in March. The company said the new package will completely breakdown in a hot, active compost pile in approximately 14 weeks.

“In order to continue to reduce our environmental impact as a company, finding sustainable packaging solutions was a must,” said Marc Guay, president of Frito Lay Canada. “We know that environmentally-friendly packaging is a priority for Canadians. Using plant-based renewable materials to make packaging that will interact differently with the environment, represents the next small step in Frito Lay Canada's environmental sustainability journey.”

The renewable material used to produce the SunChips package is made from polylactic acid, a plant-based material. The company said the compostable packaging has been certified through the Biodegradable Products Institute, an internationally recognized labeling program.

“As we embark on a new decade, environmental initiatives are more important than ever,” said Tony Matta, vice-president of marketing for Frito Lay Canada. “Every step counts as we strive to shrink our footprint on the planet and the SunChips 100% compostable chip bag is one small step towards a greener future.”