OVERLAND PARK, KAS. — The board of directors of BEMA late last month presented a $100,000 grant to the Grain Foods Foundation in support of the group’s programs. The donation comes on top of a $1 million pledge used to help establish the G.F.F. in 2004.

“The Grain Foods Foundation continues to be a key advocate for the entire baking industry,” said Kerwin Brown, president and chief executive officer of BEMA. “Their work in correcting and forming public perception of grain-based foods has helped to keep bakers in control of their product line. That’s good for the bakers and their suppliers.”

Mark Ungashick, chairman of BEMA, added that the donation “is an investment with great return.”

“The Grain Foods Foundation has proven to be excellent stewards,” he said. “What began as a reaction to negative P.R. for bread has become a very proactive organization dedicated to educating the public in very creative ways.”

Judi Adams, president of the G.F.F., said she and the Foundation’s board of trustees are pleased with the contribution and continued support for the G.F.F.’s programs.

“BEMA has been a huge supporter of G.F.F. since its inception, and we know BEMA will continue to be there financially and in spirit in the future,” Ms. Adams said.