CHICAGO — The American Society of Baking has begun accepting applications for a full-time executive director. For the past two years, the A.S.B. has been led in a part-time role by Kerwin Brown, president and chief executive officer of BEMA.

“Kerwin has provided invaluable leadership during these past two years,” said Rowdy Brixey, chairman of the A.S.B. “Brown was there for A.S.B. when we needed him most.”

The A.S.B. said it reached the decision to hire a full-time executive director during its BakingTech 2010 conference held in April. At that time, a subcommittee formed by the A.S.B. recommended a full-time leadership position, which was approved by the A.S.B. board of directors.

The A.S.B. has formed a search committee to fill the position, and members have signed confidentiality agreements with the A.S.B. to ensure all candidates may submit their application in strict confidence.

Applicants may visit for information on submitting their confidential application for the position.