VEVEY, SWITZERLAND — For the first quarter of 2010, Nestle saw sales rise 4% in part due to the strength of emerging markets. During the quarter the company had sales of 26,278,000,000 Swiss francs, ($24,430,700,984), up 4% from 25,174,000,000 Swiss francs during the previous year.

The results reflect 6.5% organic growth and 4.8% real internal growth.

“Our strong sales performance in the first quarter confirms we are capturing opportunities in our different growth pillars, both in emerging and developed markets, even in a global economic environment that remains challenging,” said Paul Bulcke, chief executive officer. “By keeping the initiative and with appropriate pricing, we are building our market positions in different categories as part of our long-term, disciplined commitment to sustainable, profitable growth. We continue to increase investment in our brands, our innovation and new manufacturing and distribution capabilities and will further drive our efficiency programs across the world. I therefore reconfirm our outlook for 1010, both top and bottom line improvement.”

The Food and Beverages segment had sales of 24.3 billion Swiss francs with 6.1% organic growth and 4.5% real internal growth. Zone Americas had sales of 7.6 billion Swiss francs with 5.1% organic growth and 2.4% real internal growth.