MINNEAPOLIS — General Mills Inc. has set a goal of reducing the amount of sodium in its products by 20% across multiple product categories by 2015.

“General Mills is committed to reducing sodium levels in a series of small steps across our portfolio,” said Susan Crockett, Ph. D, vice-president of health and nutrition, and director of the Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition at General Mills. “We believe making changes in a series of smaller steps is the right way to continue to deliver great taste while reducing sodium.”

The company said it has been “silently” reducing the amount of sodium in some of its products. Specific examples cited included a 16% sodium reduction in both Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios; more than 25% sodium reduction in select Progresso soups, and a 36% sodium reduction across the Chex Snack mix line.

“General Mills’ focused health and wellness strategy addresses the most important health priorities that consumers have today — weight management, heart health, and living a healthier, more active lifestyle,” Ms. Crockett said.