CARPINTERIA, CALIF. — Hardee’s Food Systems, a subsidiary of CKE Restaurants, Inc., has doubled down in the breakfast category with the introduction of its Loaded Biscuit ‘N’ Gravy, which features a buttermilk biscuit split in half with folded eggs, sausage patties on each half of the biscuit and the combination covered in sausage gravy. The introduction marks a continuing trend of new product introduction in the breakfast day part.

“…our Biscuit ‘N’ Gravy has been one of our best-selling breakfast items for such a long time that we wanted to see if we could give people even more of a good thing by loading it up with eggs and sausage to make it more of a full breakfast,” said Brad Haley, executive vice-president of marketing for Hardee’s Food Systems. “Breakfast lovers looking to fill up on flavor won’t be disappointed.”

There has been a spate of new product introductions in the breakfast category during the past few weeks. Most notably, the fast-food chain Subway, Milford, Conn., introduced its breakfast menu on April 5. The lineup features four Fresh Fit Egg White Muffin Melts, which are each under 180 calories, contain less than 4.5 grams of fat and have 5 grams of fiber. Offerings include the western egg and cheese, egg and cheese, Black Forest ham and cheese and steak, egg and cheese muffin melt.

Jack in the Box, Inc., San Diego also extended its breakfast menu recently with the introduction of Grilled Breakfast Sandwich featuring artisan bread, fried eggs, cheese, ham and bacon.