BURLINGTON, WIS. — Nestle USA has resumed production on a line at its Burlington facility after a single test late last month came back positive for Salmonella on one sample of morsels.

The production line at the facility, which is part of Nestle’s confections and snacks business and manufactures morsels and confections, was shut down for thorough, additional cleaning on April 29 as part of Nestle’s quality protocol, said Laurie MacDonald, a spokeswoman for Nestle USA. The line restarted on May 2.

“We received one positive test result for Salmonella on one sample of morsels,” Ms. MacDonald said. “The product remains under our control and no product was shipped to customers. As part of our extensive quality procedures, we also tested product manufactured both before and after this single positive sample and all product tested negative.”

Ms. MacDonald said Nestle is in the process of investigating the source of the Salmonella contamination.
This is the second time this year Nestle has acknowledged a single positive sample of Salmonella at the Burlington facility, with the first incident coming in mid-February.