TUCKER, GA. — H.C. Brill and Best Brands Corp. have been integrated into a new company that will be known as CSM Bakery Products North America. The announcement follows the acquisition of Best Brands by CSM Bakery Supplies North America on March 19.

“This is an exciting time in combining two remarkable baking histories into one extraordinary company,” said Ron Savelli, president and chief executive officer of CSM Bakery Products. “Offering a broader product portfolio and combined expertise, the new company name captures our ability to now deliver the highest quality, most complete sweet goods offering in the country. Additionally, CSM Bakery Products provides best-in-class consumer research, product innovation and technical service for our partners.”

CSM Bakery Products will be headquartered in Tucker, which previously was the headquarters for the H.C. Brill Co., while a research and development facility and several other functions will continue to be located in the previous headquarters of Best Brands in Minnetonka, Minn.

With 14 manufacturing facilities, two research and development centers and 3,500 plus employees, CSM Bakery Products is one of the largest bakery manufacturers in North America. The company’s family of brands includes Brill, Best Brands, Henry & Henry, Multifoods, Fantasia, Karp's, Telco and Orth.