PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — J&J Snack Foods Corp. of California, a subsidiary of J&J Snack Foods Corp., has acquired the assets of Colton, Calif.-based California Churros, a manufacturer of churros with annual sales of approximately $11 million. Churros are described by California Churros as “sticks of tender dough, made from 100% wheat flour and other fine ingredients. They are extruded through a star-shaped tube and cut into varied sizes, then prepared in no cholesterol 100% vegetable shortening.” The churros, which California Churros makes at a 40,000-square-foot plant in Colton, are flash frozen and primarily are sold to retail/deli, food service (including public schools) and special events. Gerald B. Shreiber, president and chief executive officer of J&J Snack Foods, said the company intends to expand and develop the niche product and category.