CHICAGO — Rubschlager Baking Corp. said it is converting its entire bread product line to a 100% whole grain formulation.

“In an effort to deliver wholesome, healthy, and good-for-you products, Rubschlager has reformulated the product line using whole wheat flour and whole rye flour without jeopardizing the original flavor or taste profiles,” Rubschlager said.

Rubschlager said all its products will carry the Whole Grains Council’s 100% Whole Grain stamp and a 100% Whole Grain “banner” has been added to the label highlighting the whole grain claim.

The 100% Whole Grain stamp is allowed on products that contain at least 16 grams of whole grains (1 serving of whole grains). Rubschlager’s bread products contain between 17 grams to 25 grams of whole grains, depending on the serving size of the product.

“We are excited to be able to offer this healthy, new 100% whole grain formulation to our customers,” said Paul Rubschlager, owner.

Rubschlager Cocktail Bread products — available in four varieties — were converted to 100% whole grain in December 2009, while the balance of the items will be introduced as 100% whole grain this year.

Rubschlager’s other products include a line of European-style bread in styles known as “Squares” and “Rye-Olas.” The Squares, dense and fairly smooth in texture, are available in seven varieties. The Rye-Olas are a group of four bread varieties made with 100% chopped, whole rye, in a style usually produced only in Northern Europe. The company also makes dinner rolls (both individually wrapped and bulk), Giant loaves (10 lbs), sandwich bread, and a line of half-loaf Cocktail Breads in controlled atmosphere packaging for use in gift baskets.

The company’s bread products usually are sold in the deli section of supermarkets and specialty stores, although they may be sold at the in-store bakery or from the commercial bakery shelf. Rubschlager generally is distributed to retail and food service customers by deli and specialty distributors.