TOPEKA, KAS. — The Home Baking Association has published a new baking resource book, “Baking with Friends.” The hardback book teaches baking skills to young bakers of all ages and features a collection of H.B.A. materials, including 31 recipes that encourage baking with fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Each recipe includes a family activity, fun fact and vocabulary word. In addition, the 74-page book includes family baking activities, skills check list, tips for baking with young children, guidelines for age-appropriate kitchen tasks and a baking certificate. The book also includes a 60-minute audio CD.

“We produce children’s books to help build stronger and healthier inter-generational relationships,” said Nicholas Beatty, director of Goops Children’s Books. “And the positive experience of our collaboration with the Home Baking Association only further strengthens our commitment to our goals.”

The book is available for $20 at the H.B.A.’s web site,