SAN ANTONIO — Tootie Pie Company, Inc. is partnering with Kraft Foods Inc., Northfield, Ill., and HEB Grocery, San Antonio, on a co-marketing venture later this year that will pair Tootie Pie’s handmade pies with Kraft’s Cool Whip in HEB stores in Texas.

“There is probably no more recognizable, high-quality food brand than Kraft Foods,” said Don Merrill, president and chief executive officer of Tootie Pie. “We are proud and excited that Kraft recognizes the value of having its Cool Whip product featured alongside Tootie Pie.

“Experience tells us that more in-store pie tastings result in significantly more Tootie Pie sales. Once customers taste Tootie Pie, they are hooked. HEB wants to grow Tootie Pie sales dramatically and brought Kraft to the table in a three-way partnership that will drive consumers to the frozen food section during peak times of the year.”