COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — Danisco will launch PowerFresh Bread and PowerFresh Special with G+ technology at the International Baking Industry Exposition Sept. 26-29 in Las Vegas. The two new products will provide tailored solutions for specific bread applications, including regional specialties such as ovals, panettone and brioche. They will join Danisco’s PowerFresh Bun with G4 enzyme for buns and rolls.

“We believe the two new PowerFresh products With G+ technology is the biggest news in anti-staling enzymes for a very long time — and a cost-effective alternative to the current market standard,” said James Laughton, vice-president at Danisco Food Enzymes.

Mr. Laughton added tests completed by 21st Sensory Inc. in June showed bread with PowerFresh was fresher after 10 days and had the resilience to stay in shape when stacked on supermarket shelves. 21st Sensory provides descriptive analysis, sensory testing consumer research. An independent consumer panel showed a preference for bread made with PowerFresh and noted only small changes in quality after 4 to 10 days of storage.

“We have high expectations that our new products will make a significant impact, particularly in the U.S., which has a 70% share of the world market for bakery anti-staling enzymes,” Mr. Laughton said.