LAS VEGAS — The Retail Bakers of America, the American Bakers Association and the Bakery Equipment Manufacturers & Allieds on Sept. 27 announced the formation of a new industry event, All Things Baking, to be held Oct. 2-4, 2011, at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center in Chicago.

The event, which will be held in lieu of the R.B.A.’s standalone annual event, the American Retail Bakery Exposition, will be designed for a wider audience than traditional retail baking events in the past. Expected participants include professional bakers, caterers, restaurateurs, pastry chefs, cake decorators, chocolatiers, bakery directors and other culinary professionals.

All Things Baking will be held in the years that the International Baking Industry Exposition (I.B.I.E.) is not held. The I.B.I.E. is a triennial event taking place Sept. 26-29 in Las Vegas. The next I.B.I.E. event is set for Oct. 6-9, 2013, in Las Vegas.

“More than ever, it’s imperative that our industry — both suppliers and bakers — are in tune with the changing tastes, trends and behaviors of the American public,” said Rick Boone, president of the R.B.A. and owner of Rick’s Bakery. “By listening and responding to consumer demands, we can collectively meet the mandate for the new products, flavors, presentations and experiences that will keep our industry profitable and thriving now and into the future.”

Joe Turano, committee member for the International Baking Industry Exposition and director of operations at Turano Baking Co., added, “Smaller, regionally-based baking and food service operations are being confronted with a huge opportunity created by ethical consumerism, which is driving a demand for clean label products, organic and locally sourced ingredients, eco-friendly packaging and a general desire to support community-based businesses. Plus, the increased use of electronic media is leveling the playing field for bakeries and restaurants that don’t have large advertising budgets to drive traffic to their stores. This is an exciting time to launch a show aimed at forward-thinkers who want to take their baking or food business to the next level.”

Details on the event, including competitions, demonstrations, educational sessions, participating exhibitors and more will be posted on the event’s web site,