VIENNA, VA. — Dr. Siegal & Son, L.L.C. has branched out beyond the Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet brand with the launch of CalciOs cookies, a snack food the company’s executives claim neutralizes stomach acid and relieves occasional heartburn.

Enriched with calcium carbonate, which is a common source of dietary calcium supplementation, each cookie contains 37 calories and 30% of the Daily Value of calcium.

“We believe that functional snack foods are the next big thing, and we intend to be a significant player in the space,” said Matthew Siegal, chief executive officer of Dr. Siegal & Son, L.L.C.

According to the company, the new cookies are not intended to be used as a weight-loss aid, but rather as a healthful snack food that provides calcium supplementation and relieves occasional heartburn. The cookies are certified kosher and contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

“The greatest challenge in creating the product was trying to pack a significant percentage of the Daily Value of calcium into a 10-gram cookie and still make it enjoyable to eat,” said Sanford Siegal, who launched Dr. Siegal & Son with Matthew Siegal, his son. “It’s easy to make a great cookie until you add 750 mg of calcium carbonate to it. Calcium carbonate is a wonderful, natural substance, but it’s a gritty and chalky powder.”