KANSAS CITY — The American Society of Baking has named its 2011 honorees for the Baking Hall of Fame: James Apple, Butter Krust Baking Co.; E.E. Kelley, ButterKrust Bakery Lakeland; Ken Klosterman, Klosterman Baking Co.; and Alexander Weber, Caravan Products. The baking industry leaders will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in a ceremony on March 7 during the A.S.B.’s BakingTech 2011 annual technical conference in Chicago. Each year, the A.S.B. honors individuals who have been leaders in the baking industry and have demonstrated industry innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Many of the individuals selected into the Hall of Fame are recognized for their achievements in organizational growth and development, equipment design and innovation, advancements in ingredient technology and processing or related service to the commercial baking industry. Nominations for the Hall of Fame are made by A.S.B. members and non-members. This year 40 candidates were nominated.

The Baking Hall of Fame has a total of 35 members, all of whom have influenced the baking industry.

The inductees for 2011 include:

• James Apple. Under Mr. Apple’s leadership, Butter Krust Baking has been a pioneer in trying new recipes and releasing new products, and it has become an example to the baking industry for its efficiency and innovative design, quality control and commitment to developing skilled employees. He was a member of The Long Co. board of directors for 32 terms, including serving as chairman of the group.

• E.E. Kelley. Mr. Kelley was a longtime president and chairman of the Quality Bakers of America, as well as president of the American Bakers Association. He also was president and chairman of ButterKrust Bakery Lakeland.

• Ken Klosterman. Mr. Klosterman took a small family business and developed three large wholesale bakeries producing bread and buns for restaurants, institutions and groceries.

• Alexander Weber. Under Mr. Weber’s leadership, Caravan Products was the first company to successfully develop and manufacture an extensive variety of bases for bakers. Mr. Weber was well known for his innovative ideas in the No Time and Short Time process of doughs.