WASHINGTON — The Grocery Manufacturers Association (G.M.A.) has created an industry affairs and collaboration division. The new division takes the place of three former G.M.A. departments: industry affairs, membership services and meetings, and it is aimed at enhancing member services and organizational efficiencies.

“G.M.A. is always looking for innovative ways to provide industry leadership and enhance the value of G.M.A. membership for food and consumer products companies,” said Denny Belcastro, executive vice-president, industry affairs and collaboration. “This new division will allow us to do just that by realigning our capabilities to create more efficient work streams that will improve engagement opportunities and comprehensive services for our members.”

The new division will continue to support the G.M.A.’s strategic areas of focus on product safety, health and nutrition, environmental sustainability, and global commerce, with a special emphasis on facilitating industry collaboration and efficiency on these and other matters. Additionally, the group will work cross-functionally to identify and execute opportunities for business development and to provide first-rate service to the G.M.A. membership.

The new division’s leadership team is comprised of the following individuals and roles:

•Todd Turner, vice-president of operational effectiveness. Mr. Turner will have responsibility for all elements of planning, project management, administration, and delivery of G.M.A. events and activities. He will report to Mr. Belcastro.
•Brian Lynch, senior director of business and industry development. Mr. Lynch will be responsible for developing new business opportunities, including but not limited to: membership recruitment, development of leadership programs, sponsorships and educational forums. He will report to Denny Belcastro.
•Logan Kastner, director of member relations and services. Mr. Kastner will oversee member services and engagement opportunities (including joint industry conferences) aimed at optimizing member satisfaction and the G.M.A. value proposition. He will continue to report to Mr. Lynch.