PALM BEACH, FLA. — Michael V. Dunn, a commissioner on the Commmodity Futures Trading Commission since 2004, will be among speakers addressing the upcoming annual meeting of the Commodity Markets Council. The group will meet Feb. 8-10 at The Four Seasons hotel in Palm Beach.

Others addressing the group include Craig Jagger, an economist for the House Committee on Agriculture; Joe Glauber, chief economist of the U.S. Department of Agriculture; Jennifer Duffy, senior editor of The Cook Political Report and Dennis Gartman, The Gartman Letter, will discuss politics and economics.

Others addressing the group include Thomas Mielke, editor-in-chief of Oil World; Steve Kopperud, senior vice-president of Policy Directions, Inc.; Dan Basse, president of AgResoruice Co.; Randal Quarles, managing director, The Carlyle Group; and Scott Talbott, senior vice-president of government affairs, The Talbott Group.
Charlie Carey, C.M.C. chairman of the board and CME Group vice-chairman, said the meeting comes at a critical time for the organization and the futures industry.

“With regulatory reform requiring rule making by the C.F.T.C. at a pace that the industry and the C.F.T.C. are struggling with, and the rules potentially having a significant impact on your business, this is a must attend event for company leaders involved in grading commodities — commercials, FCMs, introducing brokers, swap dealers, commodity exchanges, prop trading firms, commodity pool operators, index and hedge funds,” he said.

The three-day conference will feature plenary sessions receptions, other networking events and two workshops related to financial derivatives and agricultural commodities.