MAUMEE, OHIO — The Andersons, Inc. has made multiple operational updates at five grain facilities to improve service for customers.

In Delphi, Ind., the company increased storage capacity and constructed a new dump system that The Andersons said will improve its ability to meet increasing customer demands during harvest. Two new bins at the facility will increase the amount of storage capacity by 1.5 million bus, while the dump system, which includes a new scale, will help the facility to efficiently handle separate commodities with varying grades when they are being unloaded from customers’ trucks.

In Oakville, Ind., The Andersons expanded its railcar capacity to a 75 car siding from a 50 car siding. The move allows the facility to sell into a larger network of rail destinations.

Three updates have been completed at The Andersons Reading, Mich., grain facility, including an increase in storage capacity to 3.8 million bus with the addition of two grain bins, a new dump pit that allows up to 15,000 bus to be unloaded per hour and a new leg that will move 30,000 bus per hour.

In White Pigeon, Mich., the company added a 730,000-bu bin to its grain facility, marking the fourth bin added in the past five years.

Finally, a new 10,000-bu-per-hour Zimmerman Dryer has been installed at the Champaign, Ill., grain facility. The dryer will double the drying capacity and improve the output quality of grain as it is being handled because it is being dried with less heat, the company said. Additionally, the dryer allows high moisture corn to be passed through twice with reduced stress and broken kernels.

“These updates enable us to maintain our strong customer service while at the same time improving operations and providing customers with a more efficient process when delivering their grain,” said Mike Kiel, director of grain operations.