BLOOMFIELD, KY. — Bloomfield Farms, a supplier of batters, breadings and baking mixes, has opened a 15,000-square-foot facility exclusively for the manufacture of gluten-free products.

“We’ve been operating a traditional wheat-based dry-food blending and packaging business for years,” said Sue Sutherland, who with her husband, Dan Sutherland, owns and operates Blend Pak, a company that specializes in mixes for the food service market. “We began hearing about the lack of options and high prices for gluten-free products, and we saw an opportunity to better serve that market. Plus, with our experience in the food industry, we already knew how to make a product that looks appetizing and tastes wonderful.”

The facility has the capability to manufacture gluten-free batters and breadings for a variety of products, including fish, chicken and cheese. It also may prepare mixes for baking products, pizza dough and pasta.