HONOLULU — Diamond Bakery, a Hawaii-based cookie and cracker company that has been in business for more than 90 years, has launched Hawaiian All Natural Crackers, which soon will be available in California, Colorado and part of the Southwest.

“In a time when consumers are extremely conscious about eating healthier and smarter, we created products that meet their demands,” said Brent Kunimoto, president of Diamond Bakery. “Our new Hawaiian All Natural Crackers have no artificial flavor and use the finest ingredients for an extra hearty crunch.”

The Hawaiian All Natural Cracker line includes:
• Hawaiian Sodas — Original: Hawaiian sodas are made from local ingredients, including organic wheat flour.
• Hula Creems — Original: Crunchy and creamy, these crackers are inspired by Hawaii’s famous dance and unique culture. They are made with enriched wheat flour for a natural, mildly sweetened cracker.
• Hula Creems — Coconut: Like the Hula Creems, but with Hawaiian harvested coconut added.
• Waimea Wheats — Original: Waimea Wheats use enriched wheat flour and wheat brand for a thick and hearty cracker.
• Maui Grahams — Maui Sugar: Maui Grahams use enriched wheat flour and raw cane sugar that is grown and harvested on the Valley Island of Maui.

Diamond Bakery products are manufactured out of a single facility in Honolulu.