GLENDALE HEIGHTS, ILL. — Kronos Foods, Inc., a manufacturer of gyros and other Mediterranean and specialty foods, is doubling its flatbread capacity with a line of flatbread and flatbread pizza crust. According to Kronos, the new flatbread lines use a special oil blend that creates a fuller flavor in the crust. The line also requires 3 minutes less of mix time per batch than its other flatbread products.

Through its $5 million flatbread and flatbread pizza crust line, Kronos is able to bake flatbreads from 5 inches to 20 inches, as well as a variety of shapes and thicknesses.

“This allows more flexibility in menu options such as flatbread for appetizers and main dishes, as well as traditional round pizzas, pizza planks, and more,” Kronos said.

The company also has incorporated freezing directly into the line to ensure quality is sealed immediately.

“This also prevents the crusts from sticking together and product damage, allowing restaurateurs to use the product one crust at a time,” Kronos said.

Valerie Lester, vice-president of marketing at Kronos, said flatbread is appearing on twice the number of menus as five years ago.

“By doubling Kronos’ flatbread and flatbread pizza crust capacity, we are providing our customers with increased access to an easy-to-use ingredient option that can enhance virtually any menu format,” she said.