The Tortilla Industry Association (TIA) and its members were able to take advantage of an opportunity when planning for its 2011 Annual Convention and Trade Show, returning the event to its traditional September timeframe after its shift to May last year to accommodate the triennial IBIE event.

Although TIA planned to hold its 22nd Annual Convention and Trade Exposition in mid-May at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, NV, the association was contacted late last year and offered significant incentives to help the Harrah’s chain by taking advantage of an opportunity of its own to maximize use of its meeting facilities by moving dates and location for the event.

“We are happy to report that in exchange for rescheduling our event back to its traditional September timeframe we were able to negotiate significant concessions that will help us provide an extraordinary value to our membership,” said Jim Kabbani, TIA’s executive director.

As a result, TIA attendees can enjoy upgraded first-class accommodations at Caesars Palace for a discounted room rate of $89 per night. Also, the exhibit hall is larger and able to accommodate a greater number of booths and exhibitors. “We are confident that our 22nd Annual Convention at Caesars Palace is going to be our best yet,” Mr. Kabbani said.

TIA’s Convention Committee also is working on leveraging some of these incentives into upgraded entertainment at its annual banquet and the best speakers at its education sessions.

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