DICKINSON, N.D. — Baker Boy Bake Shop said it is adding 50,000 square feet to its 85,000-square-foot complex in Dickinson. The project involves an upgrade to the front offices, more freezer space and new equipment, including robotics.

As part of the effort, Baker Boy said it will invest approximately $5.5 million in the building and $9 million in technology over the next three years. The State Board of Equalization is expected to provide more than $500,000 in local and state tax exemptions for the project over the next five years.

Baker Boy’s complex in Dickinson is capable of producing over 30,000 cases of product each week, the company said. The facility features 3 spiral freezers, 12 rack ovens, 2 donut fryers, 2 Rheon pastry lines and bread, roll and sub roll lines. The company serves the food service, bakery, convenience store and food manufacturing customers. The company’s dough, par-baked and fully baked products include bread, breadsticks, buns, rolls, croissants, donuts, sweet rolls, pastries, hoagies, subs, pizza, pretzels, biscuits, dumplings, cookies and muffins.