LOS ANGELES — Actress Teri Hatcher was front and center for the launch of the Grain Foods Foundation spring campaign. Ms. Hatcher spoke and participated in an event April 16 at the Harriette Evans Shields Child Care Center in Los Angeles.

The event, which attracted considerable attention from the news media and bloggers, featured comments by Ms. Hatcher as well as Judi Adams, president of the G.F.F.

The location, a child care center, was selected because it benefits from Share Our Strength funding and support, said Kristin Patterson, a vice-president with Mullen Share Our Strength, an organization devoted to ending childhood hunger and a partner of the G.F.F.

The G.F.F. is donating $1 for each piece of bread art created on the breadartproject.com web site.

Ms. Patterson described the event as highly successful.

“Teri was wonderful,” she said. “She was very professional, very natural and very genuine. It’s a cause she cares about. In her comments, she made it clear she never has believed in fad diets.” Afterward, Ms. Hatcher went inside where tables were set with different types of sliced bread and fixings. After making her favorite sandwich, Ms. Hatcher worked with school children to pick bread and ingredients for their sandwiches.

Also present were families whose children go to the day care center. A bag filled with products donated by G.F.F. members was given to the families.

“The center was very appreciative of what we did,” Ms. Patterson said. “There is such a need in the community.”

Media outlets that picked up the event included, “The Insider” and “Extra.”

While watched by a broad swath of the population, Ms. Patterson said the shows are particularly popular with women, the principal demographic targeted by the G.F.F.

“Getting someone like Teri Hatcher involved has done wonders to raise the visibility of the Bread Art Project,” Ms. Patterson said.

The spring event marks the beginning of the third year in which the G.F.F. campaign will be built around the award- winning Bread Art Project (BAP), a web site where visitors are able to create an original piece of bread art.

“The purpose of BAP is twofold,” Ms. Patterson said. “It is a platform against which we can educate consumers about the health benefits of bread and grains. On the site, you always are served up nutrition information. Consumers learn better when the information is packaged in a fun, interactive and engaging way. The second purpose is to raise money for Share Our Strength. The tie there is for children at risk of going hungry. The greatest risk isn’t getting enough food so much as it is getting enough of the right food, food that is nutritious.

“The Bread Art Project is an ongoing platform that can be leveraged by our members. It is visible and tangible. It is a good demonstration. It really takes all of the marketing tools and tactics at our disposal.”

The April event in Los Angeles will be followed by one with Ms. Hatcher in New York on May 10.

“The coverage has been phenomenal,” Ms. Patterson said. “As we look to New York, we will focus on major outlets such as Ladies Home Journal and iVillage.”

An interview of Ms. Hatcher discussing the Bread Art Project and Share Our Strength may be found at: