CHICAGO — The Institute of Food Technologists has named its 2011 achievement award winners and new I.F.T. Fellows.

Award winners are Rui Hai Liu, associate professor at Cornell University, winner of the Babcock-Hart award; Micha Peleg, professor at the University of Massachusetts, Research & Development award; Christine Bruhn, cooperative extension specialist, University of California, Carl R. Fellers award; Gleyn Bledsoe, adjunct professor, University of Idaho, Bor S. Luh International award; Soo-Yeun Lee, associate professor, University of Illinois, Samuel Cate Prescott award; Colin Dennis, professor and retired chief executive officer, Campden BRI, Myron Solberg award; MicroThermics, Inc., Food Technology Industrial Achievement award; Jeff Culbertson, professor, Washington State University and University of Idaho, William V. Cruess award; Herbert Stone, co-founder and past president of Tragon Corp., Calvert L. Willey Distinguished award; Fatemeh Malekian, associate professor, Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Elizabeth Fleming Stier award; Malcolm Bourne, emeritus professor of food science, Cornell University, Nicholas Appert award; Chris Findlay, president and founder, Compusense, Inc., and Howard Schutz, emeritus professor, University of California-Davis, Sensory and Consumer Sciences Achievement award.

Peers bestow the I.F.T. fellow designations upon I.F.T. members to recognize exemplary professionalism in the field of food science.

I.F.T. fellows for 2011 include Shai Barbut, professor, University of Guelph in Ontario; M. Susan Brewer, professor, University of Illinois; Hongda Chen, national program leader for Bioprocessing Engineering & Nanotechnology, U.S. Department of Agriculture/National Institute of Food and Agriculture; Catherine Donnelly, professor, University of Vermont; Wayne Ellefson, senior client manager, Covance Laboratories; Melvin Hunt, emeritus professor, Kansas State University; Kathryn L. Kotula, senior investigative food scientist, Investigative Food Sciences; F. Xavier Malcata, dean and professor, Escola Superior de Biotecnologia, Portugal; Herbert Ockerman, professor, The Ohio State University; Mickey Parish, senior adviser for microbiology, U.S. Food and Drug Administration; Phil Perkins, senior vice-president, research, development and innovation, Bush Brothers & Co.; Elliot Ryser, professor, Michigan State University; Sheri Shellhaass, vice-president, Research & Development, General Mills, Inc.; Bernard van Lengerich, chief science officer and vice-president, Technology Strategy, General Mills, Inc.; Zata Vickers, professor, University of Minnesota; and Rickey Yada, scientific director of advanced foods and material, Networks of Centres of Excellence, University of Guelph.