PARSIPPANY, N.J. — Post Foods, L.L.C., a subsidiary of Ralcorp Holdings, has partnered with Chef Curtis Stone in a national advertising campaign that will urge Americans to join the Mr. Stone in a movement to eat more whole grains, including the company’s Great Grains cereal. The movement is called “Keep it Whole,” and details may be found at

“Breakfast is key to starting the day right, and Post happens to make a cereal that I absolutely love,” Mr. Stone said. “Great Grains starts with the real whole grain, then mixes in beautiful fruit and nuts for a cereal that’s really good for you and tastes amazing. What’s more, you can actually see the difference when you look at the flake.”
Great Grains’ three varieties — Crunchy Pecans; Raisins, Dates and Pecans; and Cranberry Almond Crunch — each provide at least 50% of the daily requirement of whole grains.

“Curtis’s personal food philosophy is central to the mission of Post Great Grains — that great tasting, nutritious food starts with less processed, quality ingredients,” said Joahne Carter, associate director of marketing for Post’s adult brands. “He is the perfect partner to help make all of us more aware of the source of our food and the benefits of incorporating more whole foods into our diets.”