CAMDEN, N.J. — Campbell Soup Co. continued to advance the nutrition and wellness profile of its product portfolio last year, as wellness-oriented products accounted for 32% of total company revenue in 2010. The revelation was one of several made in conjunction with the company’s release of its 2011 corporate social responsibility report, “Nourishing: Consumers - Neighbors - Employees - Planet.”

“At Campbell, we continue to add wellness attributes to our products and now in the U.S. have more than 200 products with reduced levels of sodium; more than 200 products that are low in fat and saturated fat; more than 150 products that have 100 calories or less per serving; and more than 115 product s.k.u.s (stock-keeping units) that are certified by the American Heart Association,” Campbell said. “Our goal is to continue to deliver great-tasting products that can be part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.”

Reviewing its progress on cutting sodium content, Campbell said it now offers eight times the number of reduced-sodium products in its portfolio compared with 2005. Among the brands where the company has expanded its low-sodium offerings are Campbell’s soup, V8 juices, Campbell’s SpaghettiOs pastas, Pepperidge Farm natural bread, and Prego Heart Smart pasta sauces.

Progress has not been limited to the United States, Campbell said. In Canada, the company now has approximately 73 products that meet the nutrition criteria for the country’s Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Health Check program, and in Australia the sodium levels across all of Campbell’s ready-to-serve soups now meet the Australian National Heart Foundation’s guidelines for sodium.

Another way in which Campbell has promoted positive nutrition is through its whole grain product offerings in the United States. In 2010, Campbell said its Pepperidge Farm brand had more bakery products certified by the A.H.A. than any other bakery company. The brand also developed Goldfish crackers and graham snacks that are made with whole grains. Campbell also has added whole grain pasta to its Campbell’s Condensed Kids’ Shapes soups.

Campbell has stepped up its vegetable offerings as well. Many Campbell products contain one or more full servings of vegetables in each portion, and 35 s.k.u.s of Campbell’s Chunky soup provide a full serving of vegetables in each serving. In 2010, Campbell introduced two Prego Veggie Smart pasta sauce varieties that provide 50% of the recommended daily vegetable intake in every ½ cup serving.

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