GRINNELL, IOWA – Natural Products, Inc. has re-launched roasted full fat soy grits and meal produced on a new dry roasting and sifting line that allows for a more uniform particle size and reduces the amount of fine particles in the finished grits or meal. The grits and meal come in two particle sizes.

“When you are trying to maximize protein, it’s easy to get way too much functionality from soy ingredients, mainly because of the amount of water that soy ingredients require you to add,” said Jon Stratford, sales and marketing manager for Grinnell-based Natural Products. “Using soy grits or meal alone or in combination with flour, concentrates or isolates really allows you to include a lot more protein in the bread or bar without changing your dough. This makes it much easier to develop protein-enriched or even heart-healthy bakery products.”

At 40% protein, roasted grits or meal have been shown to work in breads and muffins at levels of 50% to 75% (wheat flour basis), which increases soy protein by 4 to 6 grams per serving.

“In our lab, we were able to add 50% meal on a wheat flour basis to a basic muffin, and 75% to white bread,” Mr. Stratford said. “With some basic adjustments to water and mixing, the softness and volume was maintained, and the meal added a nice texture to the muffins and bread.”