NEW YORK — 57th Street General Acquisition Corp., owner of Crumbs Holdings L.L.C., the largest U.S.-based retailer of cupcakes, has been approved by NASDAQ to list its common stock, warrants and units for trading on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the current symbols “CRMB”, “CRMBW” and “CRMBU,” respectively, beginning June 30.

“Our listing on the NASDAQ Capital Market is a milestone for our company,” said Jason Bauer, co-founder and chief executive officer of Crumbs. “We are delighted to have achieved approval for listing on the NASDAQ and anticipate this platform will bring improved visibility for the company. In addition, this listing will benefit our stockholders through improved trading efficiencies. We are excited about the opportunity to elevate our company’s standing within the business and investment communities and look forward to joining other leading companies who are listed on this premier exchange.”

57th Street General Acquisition was formed in Delaware in October 2009 and acquired its interest in its subsidiary, Crumbs Holdings L.L.C., in May 2011. The first Crumbs bake shop opened in March 2003 on the Upper West Side of Manhattan by co-founders Mia & Jason Bauer. The company has 35 locations, including 25 locations in the New York Metro area, six locations on the West coast, two locations in Washington, D.C., one location in Virginia and one location in Chicago.