WINNIPEG — The Canadian Wheat Board (C.W.B.) and Canada Bread Co. have partnered to promote Prairie wheat. Under the agreement, the C.W.B.’s motto — “Canadian Wheat Makes it Good” — and maple leaf logo will appear on Dempster’s Whole Grains bread and in national television commercials, print advertisements, in-store promotions, demonstrations and on-line material. The packaging and promos also will contain a new tagline: “Prized around the world. Grown on the Prairies.” “Dempster’s is Canada’s bakery and the Prairies are Canada’s wheat heartland,” said Andrea E. Graham, senior vice-president of marketing and business development at Canada Bread. “We feel strongly about using 100% Canadian wheat to bake our breads. We think consumers and Canadians will too.” In addition to Canada Bread, the C.W.B. has branding agreements with Robin Hood flour, Primo Pasta and Dover Flour within Canada.