For the first time, the Independent Bakers Association and The Long Co. will join together for their meetings this fall. The Long Co.’s annual conference and shareholders meeting will be held Sept. 22-23, at the Peninsula Hotel in Chicago. IBA will hold its fall meeting on Thursday, Sept. 22, in Chicago. Events include a tour of the Chicago Board of Trade and Mercantile Exchange, a co-hosted welcome reception and a full day of speakers on topics relevant to the industry. More information will be available on The Long Co. website

“Coordinating industry events saves travel time and costs for those who participate actively in both organizations,” said Doug Windeler, president of The Long Co. “It also provides an opportunity for those who are members of one organization to understand the benefits offered by membership in the other. The Long Co. staff is looking forward to working with the IBA staff and spending business and social time with their members.”