NEW ORLEANS — TIC Gums unveiled its “texture lexicon” during the Institute of Food Technologists annual meeting and food expo. The new vocabulary features words that describe the textures of solid, liquid and semi-solid food and beverages.

The goal of the efforts is to help product developers better express the textural qualities desired in food products early in the development process. In addition to the vocabulary, the project also includes a texture mapping process as well as more than 30 complete texture attribute maps.

“We thought first of ways to benefit the industry and help developers get their ideas out of the lab and onto store shelves sooner than later,” said Gregory C. Andon, president of TIC Gums.

Matt Patrick, vice-president of research and development for TIC Gums, said the lexicon is a work in progress. There are currently 78 separate terms with definitions applicable to the food science and development industry. The evaluations to develop the terms include how products look, behaved in different situations and how they were experienced in all phases of consumption.

To introduce the lexicon to product developers who were not able to attend the I.F.T., TIC Gums has created a web site that features the lexicon. It may be viewed by